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Feb 25, 2022 by Krystal Champlin

Job hunting is a job within itself.  It can be rewarding as well as discouraging.  In my day-to-day as a recruiter, I see many things I would have done differently if I was the job hunter.  As the hunter, you want to stand out above all other candidates.  This does not mean watermarks, pictures, colored or clip art.  Personally, I like nice and clean resumes.  The most I would do is the initial in the upper left-hand corner.  Your personal “brand” should jump out more.  With that in mind, I thought that I would start by helping with the resume.  Your resume is your career billboard.  You want it to say a lot about you, but with limited wording.  You want it to catch the attention of the company or recruiter without being overkill.  What appeals to me is a resume that flows, gives me details without making me search for the details and bullet point skills and accomplishments.  A cover letter that tells me what you are looking for, why you are looking and why you think you are a fit – plain and simple.  I have provided some helpful tips to help you prepare for the hunt and for your resume below. 
  1. UP-TO-DATE - Make sure your resume is updated and your cover letter is written so you can tailor to the job you are applying to.  Add keywords into your resume and skills section (which every resume should have) that are in the job description. 
  1.  Each work experience should have the companies name and the dates of your tenure.  Don’t list all your job duties, only what is relevant.  That’s what the skill section is for.  Give them a reason to call you to find out more and be prepared to tell them.
  2. Make sure that your high school education does not have dates of graduation.  This can be used against you for figuring your age.
  3. Include your address along with your email address and phone number at the top of your resume (even if it is a remote position).  Companies have quarterly meetings that you may have to attend, and you may be skipped over if they do not know if your location.
  4. Make sure your font is all the same size and the same font name.
  5. Oh, and if you use a resume template, which I do not recommend, please make sure you erase the user directions!! LOL
  1. PLAN AHEAD - Review the website of the company you are applying/interviewing with to familiarize yourself.  Make notes of some key facts/questions that you can bring up/ask during your interview.  This will make the interviewer know that you took the time to prepare.
  2. KEEP IT CLEAN OR KEEP IT PRIVATE – Social media platforms can kill a perfect candidate.  Companies are researching you just as you are them because “they don’t know enough in a one-hour interview”.  They want to learn more about the true you, what makes you tick and see what you do in your spare time.  They want to ensure that they are making a good, sound decision.  While it is your personal page, make it private during your job hunt if you think there may be a picture or post that could be misconstrued.   “Hire character, train skill” – Warren Buffet
  3. BUILD A NETWORK BEFORE YOU NEED ONE – LinkedIn is a powerful and professional tool that is used by many recruiters.  Always make sure that you have a LinkedIn account, but MOST IMPORTANTLY – make sure that your information matches your resume and personal contact information is listed on your account.  If it is not listed, make sure that you are able to receive notifications to your email when someone has viewed your account or messaged you.  Nothing is more disheartening than to find the perfect candidate for a position, you message them through LinkedIn and never get a response.
  4. EMPTY HANDED – Don’t come to an interview “empty handed”.  Always have at least 1 question to ask the interviewer – even if it is, “What is the next step” or “What is your timeline for filling this position”.   You want to always seem eager and prepared.
  5. PLEASE & THANK YOU – Last, but definitely not least - Regardless of who you interview with, always show your appreciation, and send a thank you.  In an age where kindness is limited, put your best foot forward and thank your interviewer for the time they took to speak with you and answer all your questions.
***Should you need any help preparing for the job hunt or forming your resume, please reach out to me at tammy@rjhconsulting.com.
Next month – When knowledge, wisdom and intelligence are no match for a great looking tie.

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